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We are aware of your difficulties and concerns while working on new software. Everyone needs assistance and support sometimes when learning something new. We care for our users and commit to serving our uses at any time. We give free and unlimited support to our valuable simple landlord users. Our team will guide you about our online resources and queries. You may ask for our support at any point, and we will answer your queries about our software features and tools. If you cannot solve your problem, then our trained property dealing and management experts guide you. Our team members are highly professional, trained in their respective fields, and always prepared to handle your problems with our support counter. 

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How do we support our users?

A landlord can boost the profits from his premise property by overseeing it himself. Are you afraid of getting late-night calls or tiresome paperwork? Then our software can solve all your problems and give you support in learning and managing this software. Well, it is easy to use with its manageable features and guidelines.

Still have an issue, no worries. Our experts appeared ready to solve your worries, manage your occupant's data in separate sections, and contact the tenant at the communication center. We support our users to manage their property business, realize their concerns well, and cherish assisting them to get more out of their rental ventures. With the sheer size of their rental portfolio, Simply Landlord can deal better costs from service providers with quicker turnarounds. Landlords can track service providers' performance on our subscription plan feature.

Outs their expenses are accessible through our financial management system and can check income and expense flow. Simply Landlord team associates are specialists in their nearby networks, aware of technical or operational issues.

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Way to use simply landlord software.

Being an owner is not easy to manage tons of bank statements, spreadsheets, and files. Simply landlord handles all your tedious work. Want to know how you can finish work in a few minutes and then go through the process.

  • You have to set up a portfolio for your property management and create a different section of accounts for a separate portfolio. You can create properties related to an assigned portfolio to show your asset with a track of income and expense flow.
  • Afterwards, assemble the tenants' section to record payments and unpaid amounts.
  • Set up your mortgage to observe your loans and refunds.
  • Enter your expenditures and personal drawings in the financial facility section; you can track your income and off payments.
  • After entering all the credentials, you can negotiate with the bank statements. 

When you set a record, it will be beneficial for your daily business need. Keep on entering the tenant's record timely for future benefit.


How to get a subscription?

You can effortlessly create a simply landlord subscription. Sign up for free and log in to your account. Select your payment plan according to your requirement and properties. Five users can avail of our standard plan, and ten users join through an advance plan. Always remember that the account owner can make subscription changes. Establish your subscription plan on your current tenant's numbers; later on, you can upgrade your subscription with a tenant increase.

You can sign up through this URL:

Portfolio description

What is a portfolio?

A portfolio is a free gathering of properties that are overseen independently from some other ones. Every portfolio has its Chart of Accounts and is purposeful to be run just like its own business. There is practically no exchange between the various portfolios you might have set up. Make separate portfolios for these situations:

Portfolio for restricted organization

Properties you are overseeing for someone else's benefit

Fundamentally, all that requires own bank statement for individual portfolios.

Portfolio for Co-Ownership

If you co-own a progression of properties with someone else, you can enter the split between the property managers while setting up the portfolio. If there are different trade partnership rates for some properties, you can enter these into the particular properties. Hence, it has clear logic to make a different portfolio here. Just enter the information as ordinary. Afterwards, when you run the Income Tax report, run it once for every property manager to deliver the numbers for the self-evaluation structure.

Portfolio for Financial balances

Suppose you have various properties that utilize a similar record. In that case, it is more straightforward to keep them in a similar portfolio and transfer one bank explanation than to make a few portfolios and separate the bank proclamation.

Portfolio for Bookkeeping

All landowner Vision will create reports based on the data held inside every portfolio. Assuming you need data about another portfolio, you should switch to it.

Portfolio for Client Access

If you have a portfolio that includes an accomplice, you don't believe they should see data in another portfolio; you can confine their client access. Go to Settings > Users > Invite Users and empower and incapacitate admittance to the portfolios as wanted. For read-just access, limit the other client to the Reports module.

Simply Landlord gives any support that our user needs, from editing the profile to finance reports. We understand the Landlord's concerns and problems as we have been dealing with them for a long time. We help to support users as property tax experts – supporting our customers to cut down their tax bills.

Goal of Simply Landlord team

Our goal is to make landlords' life more manageable; we give an approach to our users to contact our team associates, and we deliver positively responsive support. You can ask any technical query to finance questions. We are here for your support and help. Feel free to ask any query.

We jointly bring our experts in property management, income tax and software developers to create Simply Landlord software to deal with landlord considerations. Our features are helpful for the Landlord to manage all land-related assets, resident management and finance. This software organizes the life of a landlord in all possible ways.




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