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Low cost pricing plan to meet your management needs in the property 

Simply Landlord pricing plans are affordable. Many people use them, including the landlord, property managers, property dealers, and property contractors, to monitor and analyze their work with easy-to-use and manageable features.

One of the most significant and essential inquiries you must pose to yourself in the property business is how much you charge for your item or service. Regarding estimating, it's a critical choice since it impacts marketing. Done appropriately, evaluating could likewise be a showcasing strategy. So today, we offer you three subscription plans to handle your property business with one click. Multiple assessment tools in the subscription plan help you price or track your property or management.

With our subscription plan, you can grow your business at every step. Each simply landlord subscription price plan offers various features according to your requirement. Every profitable business requires specific features and plan that works in its favor. You can check our subscription plan, which includes a free trial and standard and advanced plan based on your business and work.

We are not charging enough; our subscription cost is low, and you can save money for your investment and other expenditure.  With our price plan, you can manage a delicate balance: the perfect evaluating methodology could change everything. Simply Landlord software pricing system is less than the other contributors as we give 14 days’ free trial; others charge a high amount with no free trials.

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Subscription plan

We offer budget-friendly rates to support your budget needs for business. Feeling doubtful about using which feature according to your need, you will be happy to hear we have a 14-day free trial subscription for you. For free, you can use vast features, including portfolio management, property management, finance management, property evaluation, and many other features. You can upgrade your subscription plan and add more features and tools for your business.

In our software, the standard plan series has multiple features that cover the highlights you should pay special attention to while monitoring your property; another critical feature for picking the advanced plan is its various potential tools. We charge a monthly membership expense with multiple numbers of tools without additional charge at different levels. Every subscription plan covers various classifications, so you comprehend what best meets your requirements and what to pay special attention to while renting a property.

The advanced plan subscription is regularly more costly than the advanced plan. It might offer the most features, yet usually, it will not charge you for every feature you utilize ordinarily as a month-to-month expense. This kind of subscription plan frequently has the most vital features. Yet, a more significant part of landowners can analyze, supervise and evaluate through highlights. Our advanced plan is more reasonable, with multiple and specific features. There are choices available that are free or almost free for landlords in simply landlord to the extent. Other software does not offer free access to features and is highly costly and paid for by the buyer. Simply landlord provides no stretch of the management charge to get to premium elements, no month-to-month expenses, and no onboarding arrangement or programming support charges. Some add one choice will propose to facilitate assets for an extra expense however others utilize quick handling times with practically no extra charge for the advanced feature choices.

How much help does a simply landlord subscription plan provide?


  • Handle your portfolio

It takes time to manage the portfolio, but you can lessen admin time which takes weeks or months to operate.

  • Easy to handle software

You can analyze, supervise and evaluate your rental properties and record your tenant management within minutes.

  • Support from our team

Our team members are friendly and have software experts who can take your concerns and assist you in every possible way. In case of any query, you may contact our team for support.

  • Best choice for your property business

With simply landlord, you can manage your rental properties, tenant, portfolio, and financial management. The high secure transaction makes our software safe and ideal for users.


Simply landlord software eases your time with multiple features


How to avail simply landlord subscription plan?

Simply landlord offers the standard plan and advanced plan for the users. When the user gets satisfied after availing free trial, you can subscribe to the plan according to your requirement. For availing of the subscription, you can sign up for free and transfer the subscription fee with your account. You may contact your team through the app to get more detail about the plan. The pricing plan varied for the standard and advanced as the features numbers differ.

Buy now our subscription plan with free 14 days trial.

  • The price starts at £9.99 PCM with various features
  • You can cancel your subscription anytime
  • We provide unlimited authorization and support to our users without any charges.


Why prefer our software for property management?

  1. Search quick, search wise

Lease many rental properties like Lands, HMOs, outlets, student accommodation, commercial office space, and Multi lets. Save your documents and essential record and make search alarms, so you don't miss tenants out of your hand.

  1. Talk constantly with your tenant.

For properties in the UK: You can purchase a membership and appreciate limitless informing with property managers. We offer different membership designs, all at a low cost. Pick the one that suits you best. For rental properties in different states: You can contact your renters free via our cloud-based software. Pose all your consuming inquiries, settle on the better subtleties, and assuming all goes well, one of these confirmed clients will shift into your land.

  1. Renters pay safely and book your property on the web

For properties in the UK: Your renter will pay the preceding month's lease on the software with our highly secure transaction system. There could be no additional expenses.

Any place your tenant can book the spot, we evaluate and record your lease information and data on our advanced features.

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