Are you tired of loaded work and feel anxiety while looking at the files? Are you in desperate need of property management software? It could be stressful for a landlord to manage everything, but we have a solution for you. If you want to know how to manage the files, crack deals, and secure transaction, then you're on the right site. We can provide comfort by giving you a medium to handle your asset and property management issues. You can manage tons of work in a second with just one software
Simply Landlord has been widely used by private landlords all over the UK, and there are happy to put trust in us.
We have better landlord software pricing plans for your rental properties. Check our Landlord Software UK Support, and you can also get a free trial of the software for 14 days

Why Choose Simply Landlord

It is not easy to handle numerous properties, and you always need to pay attention to your services. It would be best if you had Simply Landlord when performing on.

  • To fill in and resume countless files, forms, credentials, policies, and deals
  • Dealing with maintenance problems, assessments, and security checks
  • Require documents/files to be well-organized and sorted
  • Secure transaction of money without stressing about tax and deductions
  • Reply to tenants' concerns and issue with the easy communication system
  • Receive notification of unfinished assignments with orderly reporting and reminder system

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Our Mission

Our mission is to make an easy, instinctive, and well-priced experience for the Landlord with unique ideas and technology. Simply Landlord software is developed to make your rental property's experience easily manageable.

It’s high time to make your life sorted by Simply Landlord

In today's time, it isn't easy to manage the file load and documentation process. Simply Landlord is the perfect software to keep your documentation and resources safe and secure with tools that will help landlords to stay well organized. You can handle the work in less time on software than the paperwork, which complicates things. It is time to remove the unhandy resources management system and replace it with Simply Landlord software.

How can Simply Landlord software make your work easier?

Simply Landlord software can store your documents online, protecting you from paperwork burden and management. Manage your agreements with the tenants without paper documents easily online. Your data is secured, and you can make payments in and out with one click with Simply Landlord software. It is stressful for the Landlord to get rent from the tenant, but we made it accessible by tracking the mortgage and rent payments. You don't have to edit paper format or spend high costs on paper documentation; bookkeeping is another essential tool to save you from mismanagement and document transportation. We deliver our services at low monthly prices and support users because you are valuable to us. Simply Landlord provides unlimited property management to Landlord; you can manage your residential property, land, student accommodation, and many other rental properties. In case you need any assistance or you need to ask something, feel free to contact us.

What can you manage with Simply Landlord software?


Manage Residential Portfolio To The Highest-Standard

Commercial -Office Space

Expand within a positive direction

Retail Premises –Outlets

Get the most out of your retail-outlet rentals market


Accommodate a demanding rental market

Multi Lets

Opportunity for shared tenancy arrangements

Student Accommodation

Provide care when managing Student Accommodation


Investments for future development


Managing your garage is now easy

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Simply Landlord website is 100% responsive which means that it is suitable for multiple devices and has a flat design. It provides an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices from mobile phones to desktop monitors.


Comprehensive dashboard


Portfolio management facility for properties


Dedicated tenant management section


Financial management facility which covers the income and expense flow


Tenant management section with an easy communication system


A well organized reporting and reminder system


A special system which keeps track on service providers and contractors


Highly secure transactions

Simply Landlord Plans

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  • Up to 2 Active Properties
  • 3 Active Tenancies
  • 1 User
  • 1 GB Block and File storage
  • Unlimited Massege

Standard Plan

Limited period offer

£14.00 £9.99 pcm

  • Up to 20 Active Properties
  • 25 Active Tenancies
  • 5 User
  • 5 GB Block and File storage
  • Unlimited Massege

Advance Plan

Limited period offer

£24.00 £19.99 pcm

  • Up to 50 Active Properties
  • 55 Active Tenancies
  • 10 User
  • 10 GB Block and File storage
  • Unlimited Massege

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