Q. Is there a minimum term with Simply Landlord?

A. No, it’s a month-by-month roll on subscription plan


Q. Can I downgrade from an existing advanced subscription plan?

A. Subscription plans can only be upgraded


Q. Is there a limit to the add on’s I can purchase each month?

A. No only purchase what you require


Q. Do I have to subscribe to a plan at the beginning of the month?

A. Purchase and renewal of subscription plans can begin on any date

during the month  and will run for 30 days or 28 days whichever is applicable


Q. Can I purchase add-on/s once the subscription plan has started?

A.  No this can only be done at the time of  purchasing the subscription plan


Q. What happens if I do not renew the subscription plan the following month?

A. Your account will remain active for the  period of ( three ) 3 months only


Q. How long will you keep my data and account for if I do not renew subscription plan?

A. for the period of ( three) 3 months


Q. Can I subscribe to a plan again once my details have been deleted?

A. Yes you would have to re-register as a new user a new account will be set up any previous history cannot be restored after deletion


Q. What are the payment options for the subscription plans & add on’s?

A.  Paypal


Q. Do you offer on Site Training?

A. Simply Landlord provides Live chat, online support, a ticketing system for fast communication we are working on further support tools


Q. Do you sell my personal data to third party companies?

A. No, your data remains safe & secure with Simply Landlord we may only use to contact users for special offers & promotions via email, text message service


Q. Do you have a backup server for user data?

A. Data is backed up daily for all active user accounts