Q. Can I use Simply Landlord on my mobile phone?

A. Yes, you can use Simply Landlord on any gadget you use, as it gives access to multiple devices. It is an online cloud-based software which works fine on Laptops, computers, mobile phones, tablets and MAC.


Q. Tell about your software Simply Landlord?

A. Simply Landlord is cloud-based online software that helps landlords to manage or supervise their rental properties, outlets and commercial office spaces. It monitors your every property business management. It can create and manage your property and set up your renter's records and rent plans. You can manage your income and expense bills. Record every property-related payment, either full or partial rent expenditure. Track your portfolio performance and property task control.


Q. Can I edit my personal details on the dashboard?

A. Whether it is your name, email address or phone number, you can edit your details. If you want to change your mail address, go to the dashboard, click a profile and edit your information. After changing the email address, you can now log n with the edit email id. You mistakenly write your name and want to edit, then click on account and change your spellings.


Q. Which package will be best for me to select?

A. Select the package according to your requirements and need. Our plan has two packages, Standard or Advance; the advance plan has different conditions and features. Suppose your tenants are more than 30, then you should choose the Advance plan according to its active tenancies. Expired tenants are not countable for your chosen plan.


Q. What conditions apply to your free trial?

A. We give a free trial for 14 days with vast conditions. If you want to get along well with software must test its features. Use free trial with two active properties, including HMOs, multi lets, outlets, commercial offices or student accommodation. You can use portfolio, finance, tenant and contact management features in the free trial.


Q. Can I share my account with my business partner?

A. Yes, you can share your account as we give access to 5 users in the standard plan at little cost. But changings can only be done by the account owner.


Q. Is it safe to access my information and data on the internet?

A. Yes, Accessing your information and data on the internet is safe. The contact between your device and our serves are end to end encrypted with a powerful bit key will it is safe for me to access my data over the internet. It is secure to use simply landlord software anywhere on any device.


Q. How can I record rental property?

A. The landlord's critical feature is monitoring and recording the rental properties like HMOs. First, you must create a property, select the room in the property then allot rooms to the tenant. Go to the tenant management section, create a tenancy, enter the property reference and fill in the information.

Q. What does active tenancy mean?

A. An active tenancy is any substantial right tenure arrangement which does not count expired and future renters.


Q. Is this software appropriate for local organizations?

A. Indeed, Simply Landlord is appropriate for both confidential landowners and local organizations. Confidential landowners can utilize a personal expense report with the charge year. Local organizations can utilize Profit or Loss and Balance Sheet reports and pick their financial year-end date.


Q. Might my residents at any point get to their residency information and reports?

A. Indeed, you can welcome your residents to get to their tenure subtleties, related reports and explanation of records through an electronic resident region. The resident module likewise incorporates a tenant help work area so you can address your tenants and track those correspondences.


Q. Could numerous users at any point get to Simply Landlord simultaneously?

A. Indeed, you can have up to five simultaneous users on the standard plan, and there is ten user limitation on the advance plan. Anybody getting to the product needs their login email address.


Q. Could I at any point deal with my abroad properties?

A. You can control abroad properties and, surprisingly, set up a portfolio with the correct cash, but Simply Landlord doesn't uphold the expense prerequisites on the off chance that you are not paying duty in the UK.

Simply landlords prioritize their users and help them reach their needs when questioned. Users can quickly contact us for their queries, comments and recommendations. We try our best to answer all the queries. We are available 24/7 for our buyers and respond to them as soon as possible.


Q. Meet our team 

A. Our team is highly professional and responsive when it comes to working. Our primary focus is to serve our customers who trust our software for their needs. The team members are supportive and ready to help the user with technical, operational and financial concerns. You can communicate with the members openly and trustfully as we keep the chat confidential.

Your suggestions are welcome. We are passionate about our work and try every possible way to facilitate our users with the best features and options. You can submit your suggestion and share them with us on our social media. We will be happy to receive your ideas and work on them in future.


Q. Is there a minimum term with Simply Landlord?

A. No, it’s a month-by-month roll on subscription plan


Q. Can I downgrade from an existing advanced subscription plan?

A. Subscription plans can only be upgraded


Q. Is there a limit to the add on’s I can purchase each month?

A. No only purchase what you require


Q. Do I have to subscribe to a plan at the beginning of the month?

A. Purchase and renewal of subscription plans can begin on any date

during the month  and will run for 30 days or 28 days whichever is applicable


Q. Can I purchase add-on/s once the subscription plan has started?

A.  No this can only be done at the time of  purchasing the subscription plan


Q. What happens if I do not renew the subscription plan the following month?

A. Your account will remain active for the  period of ( three ) 3 months only


Q. How long will you keep my data and account for if I do not renew subscription plan?

A. for the period of ( three) 3 months


Q. Can I subscribe to a plan again once my details have been deleted?

A. Yes you would have to re-register as a new user a new account will be set up any previous history cannot be restored after deletion


Q. What are the payment options for the subscription plans & add on’s?

A.  Paypal


Q. Do you offer on Site Training?

A. Simply Landlord provides Live chat, online support, a ticketing system for fast communication we are working on further support tools


Q. Do you sell my personal data to third party companies?

A. No, your data remains safe & secure with Simply Landlord we may only use to contact users for special offers & promotions via email, text message service


Q. Do you have a backup server for user data?

A. Data is backed up daily for all active user accounts




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