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Portfolio Management
Create your own document headers with logo
Portfolio dashboard
Portfolio settings configuration
Import and Export properties and tenancies via CSV File
Unlimited number of portfolios
Property Management
Record property keys
Assign cost of portfolio, property or room level
Record Property Purchase and Selling Costs
Sort documents into property folder
Upload documents relating to property profile
Set up and manage properties
Assigning rooms to properties
Set up habitable rooms for multi lets - HMO properties
Upload photographs to property gallery
Property Waiting List
Tenant waiting for property or room availability
Finance Management
Record loan fees and charges
Outstanding finance tracking
Interest payment tracking
Capital payment tracking
Unlimited number of mortgages and loans per property
Mortgage Analyzer
Automated regular payment option and payment schedule
Property Maintenance & Services
Record Property Services and information
Record Property Maintenances and information
Utility providers & Contractors
Record utility providers information
Record Insurance Provider
Log and track safety certificates
Record Contractors Information
Property Essentials
Alarms location and codes, meter readings , other
Capture details for all emergency stops/refuse bins
Property task management
Track property Tasks
Tracking outstanding tasks for property
Property Float
Allocated Funds for property emergency transactions
Management of Property Legal Services
Surveyor information
Solicitor information
Broker information
Record property loan information
Mortgage lender information
Record legal resource assigned to property including
Property Valuation Management
Record property valuation
Tracking valuations for property
Property Expenses Management
Record expenses including repeating expenses
Add Expenses
Add Future, Repetitive Expenses
Show credit notes and refunds
Assign cost of Property or Room Level
Pay & Track expenses
Property Income Management
Track income payment
Credit notes
Add income payment
Income Listing and Management
Landlord Communication Centre
Property wall
Early Warning System
Track expiring mortgages
Early Warning configuration
Track expired and expiring tenancies
Notice of overdue and upcoming payments
Track expiring certificates
Track expiring insurances
Tenant & Rent Management
Track Landlord Manager Fee’s , payments and statements
Issue credit and debit notes
Automatic Invoice
Sort documents into tenant folders
Upload tenant related documents
Record tenant identification and references
Tenant Journal: Log all tenant – landlord correspondence
Local Housing Association (LHA) tenancy management
Track tenant by source or referral agent
Automatic rent schedule creation
Automatic rolling tenancies
Track tenant deposits
Tenant Check-in and Check-out
Assign tenants to properties and individual rooms (HMOs)
Tenant Communication Centre
Tenant Board
Welcome Pack
Documentation Regarding the Tenancy
Contact Management
Categorise contacts by assigning tags e.g. tenant, supplier, Valuators
Track financial standing with suppliers
Create unlimited number of contacts
Payment & Non-Payment Notification
Tenant rent invoices automatically updated
Payout tracking
Failed payment notification
Key Management
Create and assign keys to properties/rooms
Check-in and check-out keys with tenants, contractors and contacts
Appointment Dairy
View calendar entries in agenda view format
Export the calendar to Outlook or Google Calendar
Create and maintain property task across an entire portfolio
Calendar shows reminders of visits and other events created.
Property Calendar
Calendar shows reminders including: due/overdue rental income and expense invoices, property alerts,
Mail Merge
Create and upload your own letter/document templates
Use integrated mail merge facility to send to numerous recipients
Flexible recipient selection criteria
Legal Document Centre
Inventory management checklist
AST Tenancy - Room (ENGLAND & Wales)
AST Tenancy - Room Scotland
Deposit Protection Scheme ( England & Wales)
NON AST Tenancy (England & Wales)
Routine visit letter
Bank standing order mandate
Agreement for Garage Let
Section 21 Notice (England & Wales)
AST Tenancy Scotland
Ending Tenancy or Lease Agreement
Schedule of Rent arrears
Section 8 Notice
AST Tenancy ( England & Wales)
Guarantor Agreement
Tenancy Agreement for Company Let
Importing Bank Statements
Template for manual statements
Import bank or credit card statements
User Access Control
Limit user access to certain modules
Accounts and Charts
Income & Expenses Filter reporting
Monthly reporting information - listing of all expenses for
Income & Expenses recording with totals, including pie charts
Set up and manage your credit cards and transactions
Recording of payment methods
Manual journal entries
Track financial standing with supplies
Set up and manage your bank accounts
Create your own income and expense accounts
Record inter-bank transfers
Reports: Property
Rental Income
Service Provider
Occupancy Overview
Property Details
Target Rents
Safety Certificates
Room Occupancy
Reports: Tenant
Upcoming Rents
Tenant List
Tenant Journal
Payment History
Overdue Rents
Tenancy History
Welcome Pack
Reports: Accounting
Last Month Graphical Report
Income & Expense Graphical Report
Bank/Card Transactions
Reports: Finance
Broker Finance
Broker Summary
Ability to export all reports to Excel or CSV

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