Digital Software with property management features to facilitate your lives.

Our software contains all the property management features. Simply Landlord keeps you stay competitive, stay organized stay rational.

  • The software contains every single thing you require to handle your portfolio. We give exceptional property management services
  • It is an automatic and easy-to-handle software (for any query, we are just a text away)
  • You do not need an office to handle the cloud-based software; it's convenient to use from any gadget anywhere
  • Automatic tools can collect rent and notify you in case of a reminder or missing payment
  • You can edit your up-to-date legal documents and tax records as government rules state
  • Turn on reminder notifications then you will not miss vital property or tenant activities


Comprehensive dashboard

Simply Landlord offers Landlord and property supervisors an effective way to track, view, and supervise their property. Tenants' applications and contractors. This software provides a comprehensive dashboard to single sight their rental data.

A comprehensive dashboard is based on evaluation findings to grow your property management process. A dashboard feature will handle all the rental property information from scratch and helps the Landlord to keep track of the tenant. This feature gives you a fundamental basis for decision-making and suggests adaptable evaluation choices. You can monitor, analyze, derive, and data management on the comprehensive dashboard to remain competitive in market strategy for your rental land, houses, and outlets

Property portfolio management facility

Simply Landlord will help you fulfill your commitment to assembling paperwork, essential documents, and files. Simply Landlord assists you in efficiently meeting every legalized and financial duty. Manage your portfolio of multiple properties; with one click

  • Your portfolio report shows every little detail from tenancy to payments
  • Resident records help you to handle tenants' requirements and your commitments
  • Operational and financial records comprehend your actual financial status consistently
  • Financial records observe mortgages and provide support in lending laws and regulations
  • Tax records comply with relevant income Tax Laws and maintain track of your tax-deductible payments
  • You can smoothly prepare a report filter for property and a separate room

Why do you need Simply Landlord software to operate your property portfolio effortlessly?

Simply Landlord operates your property portfolio for your convenience. The portfolio management facility manages tenant rent, people agreements, and paperwork well. You can keep details and records of every property. Keep a record of your portfolio finance and manage rent through direct debit. If you require any time, feel free to check our Landlord Software UK Support or Contact Us

The managed portfolio will be a helping hand for easy bank reconciliation, and you can handle your tax records using HRMC policies. You can check and manage your portfolio using our cloud-based software to get comprehensive records. Tenant lawyers check portfolios to view legal documents, and reports need revived mortgage lending regulations for agreements.

Tenant management

Simply Landlord manages to keep the bond between owner and tenant more vital. It is necessary to keep the tenant happy to feel relaxed, so we give a platform to handle the tenant's concerns. We provide a tenant management section where you can make a reliable and repeatable process to satisfy renters.

  • Maintaining the pile of paperwork is hard, but with Simply Landlord, you can endure all resident's documents and information in one place
  • You can assign separate rooms for HMOs and give rental properties to tenants through software
  • With Simply Landlord, you can manage your payment schedule to check unpaid expenditures
  • Keep a record of letting agent payments, fees, and notices
  • Manage contractors and providers through our advanced features to track guarantee plan activities
  • Give a limited approach to residents to overlook relevant documents

Finance management facility

The most crucial work is handling financial accounts to review income and expense releases. Simply Landlord helps you to take a record of your every penny through our advanced tool.

You can access income and expense records with integrated reporting and accounting tools without additional accounting software. You are free from spreadsheets, monthly or annual records, and easily manage your property work with just one software

This software is reliable for landlord's property business and manageable on every device

  • Record all rental properties payments and income
  • No additional tools are needed for accounting software to manage records
  • Easy to connect and import information from bank accounts for reconciliation
  • View portfolio and particular property to track performance 
  • Overlook your expense flow on each property you own
  • With expenses records, you can attain better visibility of your expenditures; after analyzing, you can reduce them
  • Easy to manage insurance payments and record account repayments and partial charges
  • Take a record of your expenditures by online cloud-based software quickly and effortlessly
  • Set up prices on property portfolio or separate rooms for HMOs and student accommodation

Accessible communication and reminder system

To make cordial relationships between landlord and tenant, we give space to communicate in an easy and approachable way through our features. A landlord can communicate with the renter while making agreements for depositing receipt notes and protection forms. Contact made accessibly for rent demands and paying dues within seconds.

Simply Landlord provides a well-organized report and reminder system to manage a bundle of documents and save specific information. Set automated alerts for an important task and become organized and efficient.

  • All property-related documents are monitored and recorded at one site
  • You can take a record of rooms for multiple rental properties and safely organize property images and documents
  • Set up reminders to notify you of the critical task to perform or monitor

Service providers and contractors

Simply Landlord manages things considered out of the box as we provide a tracking tool for service providers and contractors. The software gives the secure site to communicate with contractors to grow references and take a record of agreements. Service providers fulfill and maintain the specified service quality. The contractor is accountable for planning, supervising, conducting, managing, and checking building facilities. A landlord can record the performance and assignment done by providers and contractors with Simply Landlord software.

Secure transaction

Security is vital when transferring money online, and we provide a highly secure transaction. We ensure the safely transferring of your payment with verification authentication. With our software, your data and information are fully secured and protected as we prevent unauthorized transfer

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